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Financial transactions are never complete unless they are audited and every single penny is accounted for and for this particular job users need the help of digital assistants which often turns out to be FinOptions XL. Derivicom, a major developer of software in this particular category, played their cards close to the chest while developing this software since utmost care was needed to build something so powerful yet easy to use tool. The basic functionality of this software is to provide users with multiple calculation tools and help them get on with their daily work of balancing both sides of the transactions.

FinOptions XL is built as an add-in for Microsoft Office Excel and contains a complete set of functionalities which aid the user in making calculations related to finances. All types of assets and securities are taken care of through this software as well as price and risk factors are taken into account while managing the accounts. It has a multiple number of models which help it to predict future trends in the field and a few of them are the Whaley, Roll Geske, Cox-Ross-Rubinstein and Hull binomial and French Black-Scholes model. FinOptions XL seamlessly calculates dividends and company yields and hence helps users to juggle his or her options between bonds, stocks and foreign currencies. It has built in templates which further help users to star using the software at its grass root levels.

The following advantageous features help FinOptions XL gain further ground amongst the people who are actively involved in the marketing business: compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows 8, easy to use interface and functionalities coupled with help topics make it even more usable for first time users, small installation size, meaning less system requirements help it to gain further ground amongst the already existing fan base.

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