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You have accounting software’s and you have inventory software’s; what if best of the both categories are merged you to give when ultimate financial software. It may be sounding too good to be true but Figurro Accounting Software is just that. It is a potent combination of inventory and accounting modules, created to be a one-stop solution for the users. The basic mantra underlying this useful application is simple. Collect all the important data and process the same into usable information under well defined formats. This being the fact Figurro Accounting Software is as effective to a small business as it is to a multinational giant.

The application can be handled by anyone having the basic accounting knowledge and even if there are errors noticed at a later date the same can be rectified easily. The flexibility is a reassuring trait and loved by all. All your financial data will be safe and secure with Figurro Accounting Software as there is a provision of protecting them with password. The inventory management system is power packed with features and you will always be updated with important items like re-order quantity level, slow-moving inventory details and pricing details. This makes inventory budgeting really easy.

Figurro Accounting Software is compatible with Windows 7 or 8 and the data stored in it can be integrated with Microsoft word or excel. This gives you more freedom to do formatting of your choice. Figurro Accounting Software is equipped to do period-end calculations n it own and generate required reports that meet international accounting standards. Track the payment details and generate competitive sales quotes. Apart from general accounting you can also conduct project accounting or departmental accounting if you wish to. The interface is extremely modern and smart and easy to work with.