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When you are trading in stock market then timely information is something you will swear by, and software like EZQuote is something that will be immensely helpful in that regard. It generates timely data for listed stocks, mutual funds, commodity futures and options traded in markets all over the world. What works further in favor of EZQuote is the fact that the intra-day or historical quotes generated by it is in such a format which can easily be fed into your system; being Metastock it can be processed into ASCII format to be used for further analyzing.

Ezquote is a user-friendly software that reduces the time and effort that goes into stock market analysis. It is always necessary to stay updated in regard of stock quotes owing to the factors like market volatility and   economic instability that is a part and parcel of economies all over the world. It is very often difficult to keep track of a certain stock when you try doing it manually, in fact it is almost impossible if you deal in a larger market and have to keep track of different types of stocks. But software is efficient and always accurate. EZQuote will aid you in downloading quotes right way that too in Metastock format. So there are going to be none of those conversion pangs.

EZQuote has features like Download report and progress bar indicator which makes downloading quotes easier. It is also equipped with an Easy conversion tool that can be used to transfer your metastock data into ASCII format. The flexibility of formats ensures optimum customization so that you can use the data wherever you wish to. EZQuote is also compatible with Windows 7 or Windows 8 and can be easily downloaded from the internet.




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