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Everything I Own! is a business software which has been designed and developed by Mycroft Computing. It is one of the most handy and important software for businesses and personal use. Theft or any sort of similar potential threat is not a good sign for both household work and businesses. In times of such distress, Everything I Own can be the best software to have. This software enables users to record and maintain vital information about various tangible items either at home or at work. Every commodity has vital information on it such as its product code, manufacturing date, cost price, warranty related information, product type and replacement related information, etc. all such data can be stored on Everything I Own software.  Irrespective of data types, this software enables to input any kind of information on items at any given point of time. Everything I Own is easily compatible with majority of the versions of Windows operating system including Windows 7 and Windows 8. Thus it can be used across a wide range of PC’s and/ or laptops and other compatible devices. This software has a feature through which a specific commodity’s data or the entire database can be printed. With the help of information stored, users can keep themselves updated with important aspects such as expiry of warranty. A different list of items can be maintained which belong to different locations. With an easy to use interface, most of the work on this software can be done within few minutes. Thus it saves a lot of precious time. This software has various built in features such as online help through which different images can be accessed and textual content.  The data is properly taken care of and there are no loop holes. In case of any changes made or editing work carried out, the software displays a reminder for creating a backup of the data.

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