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When it comes to managing the accounts of a pharmacy store, there seems to be only one choice left to and that is dblink-atPharma. dblink-atPharma has been developed by Database Link, a major accounting and billing software manufacturer, and due to its sheer usefulness it has climbed the ladder to claim its superiority over others in its category. The basic job of this software is to control and maintain the accounts of a pharmacy store since it includes the relevant details for the job. Once it gets into the flow of the work, it becomes really easy to handle it due to its user friendly and useful features and moreover, it fits into the requirements of the user handling it.

One of the major and most essential requirements of a pharmacy store is to keep track of the thousands of medicines and their types and keep them up to date. This includes their manufacturer, their generic names and commercial names and their prices as well. All this can be managed by dblink-atPharma at the click of a button. dblink-atPharma also helps the users maintain a detailed report about the various medicine types to help the manager of the store in the job of doing so. It also includes features like inventory control and helps create bills for the transactions that occur over the counter. Not only this, dblink-atPharma can also take care of multiple such depots at the same time, thus saving time and energy on the part of the user.

dblink-atPharma has the following the advantages which helps it reach the zenith of popularity: compatibility with Windows 7 and Windows 8, user friendly interface and understandable features which help even the unaccustomed user grasp the basic details almost instantly, small size and demo versions help it to reach out to people furthermore.

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