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DataTranz GlassShop Demo is software which is a very viable option for any business dealing in glass. It is a windows based application with a wide array of features all dedicated to making your job as glass dealer easier. You can find glass parts and suitable graphic designs with the aid of the extensive NAGS glassmate database. You can also create appropriate professional quotes and work orders. Even invoicing becomes truly easy with DataTranz GlassShop Demo. This unique application software has huge acceptance in stores that handle flat glass operations. Inventory budgeting and control and a tailor made purchase system that involves locking in the least amount of capital, sounding great? That is what precisely DataTranz GlassShop Demo can accomplish for you. This software also integrates with QuickBooks from Intuit. You can also receive electronically prescheduled work assignments in Lynx format via Glaxis and reciprocate by sending your auto generated invoices. Your invoices can also be sent to Safelite Network. Accounts receivable management, scheduling of jobs and assignments, electronic data exchange and other functions can be carried out via DataTranz GlassShop Demo. The reporting functions are also hugely appraised because of their well thought layouts and absolute ease in generation. DataTranz GlassShop Demo is windows based and quite easy to understand and operate. Hence to train your employees for using it you won’t have to employ too much of money or man-hours. Transition from other software’s that you have been using is also reportedly smooth. Those who are new in this area of business will also find it very easy and adaptable to work with. For enhanced functionality GlassShop Pro can be considered once you have understood the workings and features of DataTranz GlassShop Demo.


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