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Credit Hound is a very popular Business software program developed by Draycir for providing Accounting and billing oriented services to any organization. Credit Hound is an inexpensive credit control application program that is capable of streamlining all your credit controls in your business. It provides automatic credit management services which take care about all your cash inflows. Greater automation in credit management improves productivity of your business and brings considerable profit in key areas of your business. You can easily configure Credit Hound according to your own needs and business specifications. Credit Hound also provides the features of E-mailing and fax to send the necessary credit control data's to correspondences which in turn reduces the cost of manually posting and printing them. The quick features of Credit Hound include: Automated self casing, set diary reminders, log and control disputes and CRM for credit control.

Credit Hound is a powerful application which helps you to manage your credit controls, reducing bad debts, improving bank balance and saving time. It links itself with other accounting software programs. Hence you don't need to copy all your transaction details separately to Credit Hound. It will automatically trace every single transaction made to your business accounts. Credit Hound improves cash inflows, manages all control disputes, saves lot amount of time, reduces all bad debts, links directly to your accounts systems and helps you to achieve good credit controls.

The installation of Credit Hound requires you to create a Windows operating environment. It is only compatible with Windows operating systems like: Windows 7/8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows server 2008. No additional requirement is there. After the completion of installation this efficient application will provide you all the necessary controls and tools to effectively manage your business accounts.  Credit Hound will take care about all your cash inflows in your business.

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