Download Comland SAM (Spanish)

Comland SAM (Spanish) software facilitates commercial and administrative tasks right from multinational companies to independent professionals. With a variety of features this software is capable of handling unlimited dimensional data. The software was published by the software developing company ‘Comland’ on May 2012. Although new in the software market, it is rapidly becoming popular among software professionals. For the developers, Comland SAM (Spanish) allows easy access to source code and SDK for free with the GPL-3.0 version. It enables users to store the database on their own server, which helps them to connect easily to the branch offices through the internet. With Comland SAM (Spanish) installed, users can freely work from home. This software can be used in expanding businesses just by setting it up following the tax  guidelines and regulations of the business operating country. It's simple, user friendly and flexible interface makes it all the more easy for users to operate it. Comland SAM (Spanish) is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 operating system. It is clean and does not include any form of spyware, malware or virus ensuring complete security for all its users. Users can install Comland SAM (Spanish) in their computers totally free of cost.

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