Download Cleantouch Estate Agency System

Cleantouch Estate Agency System is software designed for the utility of the businesses the main job of which is to operate as agents in the property or real estate deals. It is tailor-made to maintain records easily and generate ready reports whenever you need them. Besides that managing major finance items also becomes quite smooth. The functioning of the Cleantouch Estate Agency System is really easy and even a novice can understand it without much trouble. For beginning you will have to download and install this windows based software.

Next start inputting the basic daily finance related transactions; that is to say the items of expenses and incomes. You can now enjoy the benefit of auto generated reports from the system just giving the criteria based on which you wish the report to be. Basic accounting statements that manual book-keeping gives you are also available with Cleantouch Estate Agency System, like the Cash Book or Bank Book, the Accounts Ledger, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance. These are essential for you to understand the result of your undertaking and the values can also be used for further analyzing or during return submissions.

Cleantouch Estate Agency System is quite easy to understand with a un-complicated interface. It clearly demonstrates the input requirements where you simply have to provide details from the receipt voucher, payment voucher and journal vouchers. Details like accounts type has to be provided by you. This task of inputting data can be allocated to anyone after a little training. The outputs that you get from Cleantouch Estate Agency System, besides the one mentioned earlier include Voucher Tally, Property Sales Register, Receipt/Payment Voucher Report and Property Sale Slip Printout among many other. The best part is that since they are all auto-created you will have little to complain about formatting and accuracy.

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