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Setting the alignment in printers sometimes becomes a tiresome task; many try to figure out ways to ensure proper alignment for their documents as a permanent task. If this is the case with normal printouts, just imagine how difficult it will be to print cheques, which are in different format for different banks. This is where Cheque Printing Software comes as a handy solution. This software prints, with ease, on any bank cheque leaves. The tool stores all major bank cheque leaf format, so that the user just needs to select the bank in the tool along with other important contents like the amount, To Pay, etc; and the printer prints with perfection all the required details on the leaf.

This tool does not require the user to use only specific variety of printer. It is very flexible with the printers such that any form of printer such as Laser, Desk, Inkjets, or even a dot matrix printer can be used along with this tool. This software comes with a good Help interface and it just takes not more than ten minutes to fully understand all the functionality of the tool. There is a very important feature called ‘scan the cheque image’ which allows the user to input any cheque format as and when it is introduced by the bank. This improves the flexibility and adaptability of the tool. Another mentionable feature is the Reports section where a user can generate MIS reports based on date, Bank, party issued, cheque book, etc. This is a very handy and useful option when it comes to tracking.

Apart from reports, it also has an import facility, whereby the user can input bulk data for cheque printing. The input formats can be from excel sheets, MS SQL, Oracle, or MySQL databases, and even from Tally ERP application. This application software has constant updates from the publishers, like chequemanager; and they are free updates once the license is purchased. There is also a free trial version for around a week to understand the functionality of the tool.

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