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Cashbook Complete Accounting is a financial accounting software which can assist a small to medium sized organization to manage its accounting and financial activities in a standard and professional manner. This tool can be used to manage the organizations incoming and outgoing finances, employee timesheets, vendor details and contact information, and above all the invoice management. This tool can be also used as a reporting module for generating and printing invoices, company’s balance sheet, and profit and loss account statements.

This application has some wonderful functional features which makes the life of the accounts department easy and interesting. The tool allows the user to email any of the reports mentioned above directly to the customers in an automated manner. Also it has the feature to export these reports to other financial planning software. There is also an option that allows to link your company’s bank account with this tool; thereby, it allows the user to manage the company’s bank account and also to import data from the bank. Since this application has sensitive company information in its database, there is a feature provided in the application for periodic backup and storage.

The design of the interface needs a mention. It is easy to use and friendly to navigate. This financial tool has almost all the features required for a standard financial tool and hence a person with some exposure to any financial tool can easily understand and use this tool. Even for beginners, this application provides a detailed Help menu, where all the features present in the tool are defined in detail. The installation process is made simple by the introduction of the set up wizard, which takes the user through the complete process of installation and getting started. The 90 day trial period is sufficient enough for anyone to understand the capability of this tool. This is an affordable book keeping solution for small and medium business enterprises.

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