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Every day more and more people invest their money in the stock market in hopes that their money will get multiplied in minutes. With the world economy touching new lows every day, this seems to be viable option. To be a gainer in this business one has to constantly keep in touch with the ever changing stock market conditions. This is not a difficult task unless it so happens that the news reach the investor a little late and loses him money. To get rid of this uncertainty, BMIIC has brought forth the unusual little tool named the BMIIC Ticker. This free software is readily available and when installed on a computer, it will inform the person about developments in the stock market with a second by second news relay.

BMIIC Ticker links itself to the stock market and updates itself continuously thereby providing the user with the latest new and that too in real time. It shows up on the desktop of the computer and helps users keep track of the information already doing rounds in the city! Not only does it inform the user about stock market ups and downs, it also brings to notice important news released by the companies all over the world. In other word, it literally connects the user to the stock market, just at the click of a button.

This wonderful software almost takes over the role of a television in informing people about the current advancements made in the stock market. It has the following features: desktop notifications enabled which helps in instant relay of current news about the stock market, important news about companies along with stock market news, completely free! It is extremely small in size and freely available for download and execution, following which the user can trust it to get informed as fast as possible.