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bizboxDIY is an accounting based business software application designed and developed by Starblue Tech. With the help of this software, users can organize and control all important suppliers’ information, products database, customer database, bills, invoices, bank statements and payments. This is a very handy and significant software application. bizboxDIY can be extremely useful for both small and medium sized businesses. This software has been packed with amazing features which one won’t be finding in any other available software.  There is one such unique feature in this software application which makes it stand out and distinct from other relevant software i.e. bizboxDIY can be fully customized as per the personalized requirement of the business. No professional programmer needs to be hired externally for developing the software as per individual requirements.

As far as the compatibility of bizboxDIY is concerned, this software application is easily compatible with windows 7 and windows 8 operating system versions. Similarly, this software is also compatible with other major versions of the windows operating system. This software can be used across any system owing to the great level of operational and functional compatibility which it offers. Users can arrange required fields as per their own individual requirement. All personally designed fields of the user will be recorded in the system data. These fields can also be printed on the invoice document. It manages and control e-mails which are sent to suppliers and customers. It is programmed in such a way that it makes use of previously assigned templates as per the information.

bizboxDIY is one software application which can be used effectively by both beginners as well as experienced professionals. Working on This software application is no rocket science and can be easily worked up on. Various tax formats are easily supported by this software. No extreme computer knowledge is required to work on this application.


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