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B-free Small Business is an accounting and billing software program developed by B-free. B-free is a very well known manufacturer of business software. It is a radical software designed to prepare Business Activity Statement (BAS) for the taxpayers. This software is mainly designed for small business enterprises to maintain the books of accounts in a very simple and organized manner. This software helps to prepare Business Activity Statement automatically using the information and data available from the user’s online bank statement. This is very useful as it saves a lot of valuable time. The users find it helpful as it helps them avoid preparing BAS manually which may be much time consuming.

B-free Small Business is a very user friendly software and even beginners can operate it hassle free. It is very easy to learn and operate so users without much experience can easily handle the work using this application. This tool helps to avoid using professional accounting language and terms, as a result of which any kind of user can prepare accounting statements easily. Small business enterprises find it to be a handy tool because by utilizing this software, they can prepare and maintain accounts without double entry bookkeeping.

The installation process of B-free Small Business is very simple and consumes minimum space in hard drive. It is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 with no additional requirements. The salient features that make this software handy are that it is very user friendly, easy to learn, automatically prepares accounts, quickly make BAS submissions using online banking statements and aids the users to save time make tax payments simpler and faster. This software is available in free trial packs and the price is very reasonable.

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