Download ARHistoryQuickView

ARHistoryQuickView software application helps users to analyze their customer payments. All payment histories of the customers can be viewed easily and the credit data can be analyzed. All outstanding and past due balances of the customers can be determined with a click of the mouse. ARHistoryQuickView was published by the software developer A.E.Dash Advisors on September 2012. Although newly released in the market, this tool happens to be a very popular accounting software for all organizations.

ARHistoryQuickView makes the accounting procedures for the user easier by managing the collected information for the credit requests to meet future purposes. It helps the user to decide the amount that can be lent to customers depending on the data of accounts receivable. Data like the substantial amount already owed by the customer, whether the customer is within the extended credit limits, whether the customer has paid invoices within the established terms and conditions of the company are some examples. All these criteria determining the customers’ credit limit can be sought with a simple click and does not involve any data manipulation.

ARHistoryQuickView is compatible with several Windows operating systems like the Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 7. It is extremely user friendly and can be downloaded free of cost.