Download akkOmi

akkOmi software application is designed to provide users with a quick and effective standardized report for recording their client’s financial information that they generally prepared using the Iris Accounting Production tool. This systematic graphical reporting tool does not replace any of the conventional methods of recording client transactions. It just compliments them with its advanced methodology. akkOmi was published by the software developer ‘Industrial CodeBox’ on June 2008. It continues to be a very popular accounting and billing software since its release.

akkOmi unlike other accounting softwares not only generate reports on the management accounts but it does it with graphs and charts. The graphs provide the user with an accurate and clear synopsis of his business accounting data. For the small and medium sized businesses, the traders get to know their business condition and market trends just by looking at the charts. akkOmi is the standalone application that supports Iris Accounting Production software. The trial balances of several years can be exported into csv format. Also, the user can generate other reports depending on his business requirement.

akkOmi is easy to use with the simple and flexible interface. It is compatible with several Windows operating systems like the Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista.