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The ‘AccessBooks RealTime’ software application enables its users to build up several solutions that are capable of supporting hundreds of concurrent users with its ODBC interface. The data that are presented by Intuit can be conveniently and quickly exported to the database with help from QuickBooks API. Support for the Canadian, UK and US versions are included in this version. AccessBooks RealTime was published by the software developer ‘Synergration’ on March 2011. It continues to be a very popular software since its release.

The built-in scheduler in AccessBooks RealTime software allows easy configuration on how often the database is being synchronized along with the QuickBooks changes. Also in addition to this feature the report tool for this software application help users to dump the standardized QuickBooks report in the database tables. AccessBooks RealTime also supports extraction of the command-line support, custom fields and also has the feature of filtering the QuickBooks exported data. Databases that are supported include MS-SQL, Access, Oracle Servers and MySQL.

AccessBooks RealTime is flexible and user-friendly and has great compatibility with several Windows operating systems like the Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Users can try with its free 30day trial version before buying the software online.

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