Download XNote Stopwatch

XNote Stopwatch works as an extremely capable countdown timer and digital watch application, which performs much more than what one can expect from regular desktop clocks. This tool encompasses a multifunctional approach, which enables its users to take care of all the needs related to such a program in an extremely efficient and convenient manner. Therefore, users can benefit from this tool by keeping track of time in the countdown mode, as well as, using it as an alarm clock.

XNote Stopwatch allows its users to measure time in any interval that may suffice their needs, as well as, set it up to serve as a reminder on the desktop with equal ease because of the intuitive interface. Users can resize the display of this tool to suit their requirements while the ‘always on top’ mode works perfectly on LCD screens for public presentations. Users can also keep it as a small icon on their desktop to remind them of events and appointments.

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