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Users looking for a desktop alarm clock, which will be highly customizable and suitable for pinning anywhere on the desktop, should opt for the Vector Clocks application. This tool proves to be exceptionally customizable and allows its users to alter the size, behavior, transparency, and various other aspects with utmost of ease and convenience. Users of this tool can also opt to rotate or manipulate the clock face of this tool, or hide it completely with a simple mouse gesture.

Vector Clocks program can function efficiently as a stopwatch, and sports a digital display for time and date as well. This tool can function as a countdown timer, and provides full support for time zones as well. Moreover, users get to set its display in 3D perspective, and select any MP3, MIDI, and WAV files to play the alarm sound. Finally, this tool does not require any separate installation, and allows its users to put it anywhere on their desktop.

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