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TimeLeft software possesses a number of great features such as stopwatch, countdown, timer, alarm clock, and time synchronizer, all of which makes it a huge improvement over the clock available with the Windows system. This tool provides a number of options to its users to choose from such as the one for replacing the built-in Windows Tray clock. It also contains a wizard for helping its users utilize a number of other features present.

The Auction Watch feature is a browser add-on present in the TimeLeft application, which enables its users to keep track of the online auctions with the help of the wizard built into it. Moreover, it also allows its users to export countdowns to websites by combining the earlier feature with another add-on. Moreover, this tool provides a number of other choices to its users such as Clock windows and New Year Countdown.

The features present on the TimeLeft software allows its users to resize and re-skin the Clock windows as per their preferences, with choices available for configuring them into any date or time format, layout, number sequence, and action. Right clicking the tray icon allows the users to access all the primary features present in its main menu including My Reminders, My Clocks, My Countdowns, My Timers, My Stopwatches, and My Stickers.

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