Download MultiTrack Stopwatch

MultiTrack Stopwatch application can come in quite handy in situations when the users require tools for keeping track of multiple events, which it is capable of providing. This tool comes with an extremely austere interface, which focuses on allowing its users to use it features with the minimum of effort and maximum of convenience. Thus, users can utilize its main feature, which is its capability to keep time on ten separate events simultaneously without any fuss.

MultiTrack Stopwatch program allows its users to set each of the timers for counting time up or down as per their requirements and allocate a separate alarm for each of them. Users can also synchronize the clock in a snap, and start and stop the timers simply by hitting the spacebar. Finally, users can name each of those timers, and send their results to log files for future references. Therefore, this tool can be a reliable time keeping option for its users.

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