Download Multilingual Speaking Clock

Users looking for an application, which will tell them time quite literally in a number of different languages, will find the Multilingual Speaking Clock to be just what the doctor ordered for them. Thus, users will not be in for any disappointment if they wish to hear time in their native tongue. The interface present on it is extremely simple with the display being that of a basic digital clock with black numbers present on a gray background.

Multilingual Speaking Clock downloads with ease, and provides easily accessible features for setting alarms and selecting voices for telling time. Users can select from four voice options, which include a male and female voice each for American English, a male voice for French, and a female voice for German. Users can also opt to download any of the dozens of other languages that are available on its maker’s website. This program can be ideal for users looking for a fine clock face, and crisp speaking voice to speak out time in multiple languages.

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