Minute Timer

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The minute timer is a digital timer that was introduced by the Taylor digital company. It is water resistant. It can count up from 59 seconds and below 99 minutes. It has an appreciably large 0.7 inches display. This software is available in a number of positioning like a stand or even clip or magnet. It has advanced battery system one-year warranty. The timer is used for wide span of purposes like determining time taken for completing a particular exercise, or determining time during workout in a gym. It is small and portable and can be easily used for home shops.

In several kitchen shows, this tiny timer can be used to note the cooking time. If the user has his hands occupied in a task, the timer can be easily glued to the refrigerator or top of a stove and the time can be noted. The large display allows easy reading of the time taken for the task. Not only that the timer provides the present time too in hours, minutes etc. The timer can count both up and down and it gives a beeping sound as an alarm as soon as the completion of the specified time. This beeping sound can be smoothly turned off with the help of the start or the stop button. Just one AAA battery is sufficient to run the timer.

Taylor assures acute accuracy in the display of readings of the timer. The timer can be used for reading classes for tracing the reading rate of the students and also for oration. The uniqueness of the timer is that it can reset itself automatically to the initial time. It is extremely handy, portable, and user-friendly and can be used for a variety of purposes from training exercises to grilling to baking and reading.