Download Free Desktop Timer

Free Desktop Timer is a simple computer utility software application that enables the user to create multiple timer alerts from you. You can see the timers on your desktop and it is easy to handle. Upon the easy installation, this unique application stays as an icon on your system tray as it is always here when you need it. To create multiple timers on your desktop, it is the easiest way to handle.

The most important thing of this software is its interface. The user friendly interface of the Free Desktop Timer enables the user to operate it easily and beginners can also operate this as there is no such tough thing to operate this one. There are multiple skins available for this software. The programme also gives the opportunity to shut down or to put it in hibernation the computer at a certain time.

 Alert tones can be selected according to your choice. It has another attribute that it can be installed with other two or three desktop timers also. But the main thing is that it quite simple to handle and attractive regarding to others.

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