Download Free Desktop Clock

The Free Desktop Clock application can work wonders in giving a major facelift to the built-in clock present in the Windows OS. This tool proves to be extremely capable in spicing up the standard digital display present on the clock with a selection of skins, and provides a view of the current date and day as well. Moreover, the presence of a number of other features means that this tool helps in enhancing the entire functionality of the standard clock in addition to its visual appeal.

The Free Desktop program enables its users to customize a number of functions present on the standard clock such as get it to load during start-up, use a 12-hour format, display seconds, or have a transparent background. Moreover, users get to sync their desktop clock with a couple of atomic clock servers for enhanced accuracy. The addition of a handy alarm feature seals the deal in favor of this tool, as far making the system clock more functional is concerned.

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