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In our daily working hours we come across to varied sets of work related issues, which requires the using of screen type electronic devices, which at times affects our eyes, every minute we use it. For this very reason, the Eye Timer has developed special freeware software of a size 117.4 MB, which puts a check on the time provided to utilize the eye on the screen. This software operates on all the version of Windows without any operational problems. The software helps the user to set Time Budgets mainly for children so as to use that particular time on the screen without any additional hardware of locking or unlocking the user’s computer.

The Eye Timer software acts as the control centre for all the systems, related to that it also notifies when a system is turned on and off. As per the user is ready, the user needs to Plug an Eye Timer Transmitter into its Personal Computer and plug its TVs/video games into the Eye Timer switches. Once the Timer is ready, it transmitted wirelessly on/off and sends this signals to switches throughout the user’s house turning the video and the TV games on or off with respect to the amount of time that remains in every child’s Time Budgets.

The software also comprises of an additional feature of Time Bonuses and Penalties that allows parents to adjust a child’s Time Budget and Bedtime feature by blocking some certain hours from the child’s use mainly late at night. As we all know that every child tries to make an upper hand of their elders by hacking the system or tampering with the passwords so set by the elders for it, but the publisher has also made a security tape which is tampered foot and when it is tampered leaves behind a visible mark after removing it. All in one the Eye Timer will prove to be very important software for every parent who is having a problem with their children in respect to the use of screen by them very frequently.

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