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Users looking for an application, which will enable them to view the local time of multiple global locations in an instance, will find EarthTime to fit the bill perfectly. This tool comes with an extremely simple, and yet appealing interface consisting of a map of the world showing daylight and darkness. Moreover, users get to track multiple cities around the globe and view their location on the global map with utmost ease.

The map present on the interface of the EarthTime program proves to be especially convenient in telling whether it is day or night at a particular location with as little as a glance. Moreover, users can add clocks to represent different cities, and then keep track of their local time without requiring any added efforts. Users can also search by country and change the format of display, as well as, color as per their preferences. Therefore, this tool can be the right choice for keeping track of local time of multiple cities in the format of user’s choice.

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