Download Desktop Clock-7

Users fond of analog desktop clocks, which sport the best of design features, are bound find the stylish display of the Desktop Clock-7 application to be extremely appealing to their aesthetics. This tool does not provide any of the fancy features such as showing world time or weather, but emphasizes on its aesthetics to appeal to the lovers of stylish analog clock faces. The presence of clean black and white graphics combine well with the highlights and shadows to render a touch of realism to its clock face.

Desktop Clock-7 allows its users to drag it around their desktop monitor, and to resize it with the same dragging gesture on any of its corners. Thus, users can opt for any size ranging from a man’s wristwatch to a standard bedside alarm clock. Users can also access the options menu by clicking on its system tray icon, which includes options for hiding the clock from display, and to make the clock face reappear.

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