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Users looking for any alarm clock software, which will enable them to set up countdown timers on their desktops with high degree of precision, will find the Cool Timer to be right up their alley. This tool allows its users to keep track of their schedules and tasks by keeping track of time down to the last minute and second. Thus, it proves to be a worthy choice for timekeeping purposes.

The main interface present on the Cool Timer program turns out to be extremely intuitive to use for the users, which means it is suitable for all users irrespective of their experience level. In fact, the presence of a simplistic interface with few feature buttons helps in easy managing of time. The feature buttons include Start Timer, Pause Timer, and Stop Timer, which are about the only buttons users would require.

Cool Timer software provides a number of different alarm sounds to its users, while there are also a number of cute pictures to go with the timer. The presence of various pictures and sounds makes the experience of using this alarm clock software an enjoyable one. This tool installs and uninstalls with utmost ease, which makes this a highly recommendable choice for users looking for a fun but effective alarm clock.

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