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Users looking for a tool, which will put an extremely beautiful analogue clock on their desktop replete with all the advanced functions, ought to give the ClocX application a try. It provides its users with a large variety of choices in terms of style, which is bound to have something for users with varied tastes. This tool allows its users to run single time or recurrent alarms, as well as, play any sound file to suit their taste. Moreover, it can run any application of their choice or launch a message box.

Users also get to customize the ClocX program as per their preferences. Therefore, they can change and configure the background to suit their taste, and choose from 256 levels of transparency as well. Moreover, users get to choose from a number of advanced features such as click through, anti-aliasing, customizable priority, and calendar display as per their requirements. Therefore, this tool proves to be extremely capable for a desktop clock.

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