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Atomic Alarm Clock is a prime example of how convenient and productive a fully customizable standard desktop clock can turn out to be for its users. This application provides its users with a fantastic range of customizable features, which includes option for using it as a simple alarm clock, provide multiple skins for Windows clock, hourly chimes, and an atomic time synchronizer for unparalleled accuracy in telling time.

Atomic Alarm Clock program allows its users to customize virtually each of its aspects which includes options for showing the date or not, and showing the day of the week as well. Moreover, users can opt for this tool to show seconds, as well as, the system uptime. In addition to that, it can also show the time zones, percentage of memory in use, and tell time in the 12-hour format. Finally, user can utilize it to make their PCs perform specific tasks such as wake up from sleep mode, reboot, hibernate, or shut down according to pre-defined schedules.

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