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Users finding it difficult to keep track of multiple tasks should definitely opt for the Alarm Clock 4 Free application, which allows for setting up of multiple alarms in the most efficient of manners. This is a highly customizable tool, which enables its users to add as many alarms as they need to, and then select custom sound for each of those alarms for easy reminders. Moreover, users get to add a memo for each of those alarms to be able to remember in a flash the event for which they had set it up.

Alarm Clock 4 Free program provides an extremely intuitive interface to set the alarm up, add a note, and adjust in the 24-hour format if needed. Users also get to set the frequency of the alarm ranging from one-time, daily, and weekly to monthly and yearly. Therefore, users get to take care of all their appointments and tasks in a highly customizable manner by opting for this tool.

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