Download Wilber Podcast Player

In the podcasting world, there are hundreds of software options that can help the user to listen and enjoy different podcasting stations. However, there are not many software that allow the user to listen, manage, record and even save different podcasts. Wilber Podcast player is such software that helps the user to get all these in one shot. Moreover, all these are available with this software for free.

The user interface of this software is extremely easy to understand and anyone can use this software without any troubles whatsoever. The user can customize the software for the purpose of easy use. The user can save the favorite programs with the help of this software. The software comes with a built-in search option. It allows the user to find out new podcasts and connect to other podcasts, podcasting websites and so on without any troubles what so ever.

The latest version of this software comes with enhanced features; and it makes episode downloading much easier, gives a total sharing support, and gives fluidic error handling option. With the help of this software, the user can share the favorite programs with just a click. The software allows the user to play video podcasts with an option of full screen viewing.

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