Download Wi-Fi streaming for Windows 8

Wi-Fi streaming for Windows 8 is eventually a pretty impressive tool to keep on your desktop. This is basically a sharing application, which is available for the Windows 8 OS versions & can be severely used between two different Windows workstations. Sharing loads of media files with hundreds of pictures or videos involved- can be done pretty easily with this application. Also, you will not have to download those entire media file to your device which saves the disk space.

When you have installed this program on one of your Windows workstation, you can stream any media file with the help of direct Wi-Fi streaming to another device. Requirement is the first device whether it is a laptop or desktop contains all the media files and runs of HFS tool.

The second device has to be connected with a Wi-Fi, Ethernet or Firewire connection and has to run on windows 8 or Windows RT OS. All the media files can be streamed directly towards the second device without using any of the disk space, because no download is required.

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