Xymphonia Media Player

Download Xymphonia Media Player

A product that has been designed and developed by OC SoftDesign; Xymphonia Media Player, as suggested by its name, is a small media player application that claims to offer support for most of the popular and commonly used media file formats. In this context, it offers support for MP3, WMV, WMA, MPG, AVI, and DivX videos.

Available as a free to use software tool, the application offers various functionalities such as playback of audio and video files, reading and writing of ID3 Tags, saving and loading playlists, searching for files in a playlist, support for multiple skin options, ability to use your own customized images as the skin, etc. The tool comes integrated with a powerful Search function that allows you to search for lyrics on the Web using Xymphonia Web Browser application. The search can be executed based on album or artist information by using the mini browser in Wikipedia.

The publishers claim that despite the application’s small file size it offers all the features that would be expected from a media player tool. It claims to be user-friendly and fun to use. In fact, it claims to be one of the few tools that offer all the functionalities that are required of any media player software. A Windows based utility, you can implement it in Windows 7, 8, XP, and Vista versions.