Download Readon TV Movie Radio Player

Readon TV Movie Radio Player is the latest addition to the existing series of Internet based TV applications that allows the users to watch and hear a variety of TV programs, movies, radio, and various other live sports programs. Since the speed of internet is now not a concern everywhere, this application concentrates more on its functionality than the user interface or look and feel. The application has a poor look, but the effectiveness of its functionality is its strength. There are four groups of services provided in its grouping such as TV mode, radio mode, Live sports stream, and Movie mode. The application provides the TV mode, by default; where a list of available channels from around the world is offered for selection.

The good feature with this application is that it provides features in the form of filter menus, where you can select programs based on country, type of movies, language etc. This selection mode is available for other modes of programs such as radio and sports, as well. Another interesting feature of this application is that it prompts you to download plug-ins, as and when required. These are essential for providing specific stream of data, as required by the specific channel offering the service. This application makes life simple by running the selected channel in its own display window. Whenever required, it utilizes the VLC player for recording video streams, on request by the user.

The application also prompts the user to download VLC player, if it is not currently installed on the system running this application. The quality of video or audio streams is, basically, dependent on the channel offering the service.  Another good feature present in this application is that it updates any new channels in the global market. There are some channels which are displayed in the application, but do not work. Although the application has a very simple interface and requires additional plug-ins for different channels, these drawbacks are nullified by the good features such as automatic updates and recording features.

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