Download PC-TV Free Satellite TV

Designed and developed for Windows 98, 2000, 7, Me, XP, and Vista systems; PC-TV Free Satellite TV is, as suggested by its name, an online satellite TV service that claims to offer a free preview of the for-pay satellite TV service. This paid service promises to offer over 3000 channels; however, with this application your choice will be limited to 10 channels that cannot be edited or customized. However, this limitation is overcome to some extent by the default channels included in the freeware such as BBC News, ESPN, and Bloomberg US. A product that has been designed and developed by ICL, you can avail this tool as a free to use software application.

This utility, basically, behaves likes a video player which is included with a fixed playlist that cannot be edited or changed by the user. Therefore, the control panel comprises few simple buttons. You can also toggle the window to enjoy a Full Screen view. Some of the other channels included in this application are FOX 8 New Orleans, ABC 12 Minneapolis, NASA TV, NBC 4 Los Angeles, E-MUSIC, Just Movie Trailers, and NBC News Headlines. Some of these channels are location based and are considered a good choice if you belong to or live in that locality.

The tool is simple to install and easy to use and its publishers claim that it is free from any kind of spyware or bots. It is regarded as more of an advertisement for attracting users to its for-pay service that offers over 3000 channels for its users. The channels available in this freeware service are updated regularly to enable users to have a taste of the different channels offered by them in their paid service. One of the major limitations of this application is the non-availability of other world-wide channels that are generally seen in other free Internet TV services.

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