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ALLPlayer is a free to use video player software tool that claims to offer one of the best movie viewing experiences. This utility comes with matching subtitles for the movie. This is made possible by the tool’s ability to search for matching subtitles in all the languages, and this function is executed automatically when a movie is played or viewed using this tool. These subtitles are also displayed using an intelligent technology that evaluates the time that the subtitles need to be displayed on the screen.

Another significant feature offered by this tool is the support for numerous media file formats, including RAR. It is also integrated with a LiveUpdate function that downloads any new codecs for formats that are not recognized. Therefore, this tool ensures that there would be no format that goes unsupported in this utility. Besides these, there is an AVI Doctor function that claims to fix issues in broken files. This becomes useful when you are downloading movies using torrent files and there are any interruptions during the process that can lead to broken files. This tool uses Media Player as an overlay utility with DirectX in its background. And this mechanism is what ensures that all types of files are supported in this tool. Some of the popular formats that are supported by this utility are XviD, DivX, MP4, MP3, MPEG, MPG, AVI, 3GP, FLV, M2TS, MKV, WMV, RMVB, MOV, APE, FLAC, QuickTime, etc.

You can also use this tool to view movies from CDs and DVDs. There is a preview option that allows you to preview images stored in webcams or any other kind of video source. With regards to its audio functions, the tool offers support for SPDIF, 3D audio, and Dolby Surround. A Windows platform based utility, it can be implemented in Windows 2000, 7, NT, Me, XP, and Vista versions. According to the publishers, with all its high-end functionalities, this tool can very well be considered one of the best video player tools available in the market.

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