Download Video Painter to MP4

Video Painter to MP4 is a very important and beneficiary application that requisites a relatively low amount of bandwidth, so just everybody could take help of this tool. MP4s allow for streaming via internet, which means the desired content can be watched in real time as it downloads as well as being saved on a hard drive. It also allows for superior content such as user interactivity, 3D graphics, and menus.

This is an effortless application that was premeditated in order to help users to illustrate an assortment of objects when capturing video from a peripheral source. It was an endeavor of the Viscom Software .One can add fixed shapes like circles or squares and also can just as well freehand cobble together and paint everything of one’s own choice.

The application helps to capture in real time the action and save it into MP4 format. It can sustain capture from any capture card or web cam and also any audio from microphone or speaker. It allows varying the bitrates, resolution, and frame rate of MP4 video. The Free tools permit drawing freehand line, rectangle, and circle. Moreover it also allows Bucket Filling, Erasing and zooming of the video when capturing to MP4 video.


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