Sharing and performing, uploading and downloading, video chatting and video sharing has been in this twenty first century and is responsible for the quite awareness of this century. Videos have been always a great amusing stuff as it always consists of memories and other interesting stuffs to watch for. So sharing stuffs is important to maintain the urge of the people in case of public awareness as well. So make things easy with the uploading and download here you can opt for the unique utility software Weedioh Direct.

To go with the program description the basic information is it’s a desktop Utility can be used as a video sharing agent. The only thing it needs with the system enabled to connect internet, is a registration of the It provides an application to download to the register or you can register through cloud. It is featured to upload and download video to the internet. You can upload a vast array of popular formats of video through Weedioh Direct from your desktop direct to your social circuit or any network site if you want to share it. It is permitted to allow you share maximum 50 Mb of video in one video. You can have videos of your choice anytime once you have downloaded the application provided by the Weedioh direct is availed to give you further conversion to the downloaded videos to MPEG-4, WMV formats. With the best features installed with it helps you make slide shows too from the pictures or videos  installed to your system or from the social site photos. You can share recorded videos in your webcam to the internet as Weedioh Direct can record convert and upload all in a single go, and all done in a maintained time and easily. rewards you with gifts and goodies too in case of loyalty program for the uploads you made.

Providing the best features It helps maintaining your system too as it provides a performance counter to show CPU usage with the download and upload performance. As a software it has its own beauty in its unite technologies and utility that is usable in education and video teaching as well as other important awareness too.

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