Download Screencast-O-Matic

You should definitely opt to use the Screen-cast –O-Matic because it is enough powerful to grab the video of the webcam as well as the screen. Later on, it actually uploads that on the social video sharing portal as You tube. In addition to this, these video can also posted on the particular web home page as well. In this market of perfect competition, it is marked as one of the biggest competitor.

In fact, it poses a lot of threat to their rivalries too. One of the most commendable qualities is that it is tailored in a user friendly way so that people could use it with great ease. Over all, the design is mind blowing integrated with a humble interface. In one word, you can say that it is being made in an exclusive way. Moreover, you will also feel exasperate to see that media player is wonderfully integrated. For the convenience of the user, they have also incorporated a stylish yet cool toolbar coupled with pristine icons. In order to make it more consumers candid, it has been programmed with the hot keys .In fact, you can see that you can easily control it manually. The best thing that you would notice is that recording time is simply superb at the most, you will get about 15 minutes. In addition to this, you will also get the privilege to publish that to the Google drive as well. In order to maintain the confidentiality, it posts things, which is actually secured with a verified password protection.

Apart from all these, you will also be able to see screen shot, editing and the script tools. You can even use the Screen-cast-o-Matic for some other purposes, which actually includes like audio recording system that is compatible for the windows vista 7 and 8.In addition to this, you would also like to take tour of the zoom and draw which takes place actually during the time of the recording.