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When people talk about video editing, the name of the software which strikes everybody’s mind is that of Roxio creator NXT. This is because, of its superior features and its ability to give a 2D and 3D looks to the video clips. Using this software, one can actually become a professional movie maker, without having any practical experience. It supports almost every video format, saves a lot of time of the users, it is easy to  import files through this software, compared to other video editing software in the market. It also performs the export function of videos to DVD’s and blu-ray, which can be accessed on iPad's, tablet and android devices.

The most interesting feature of this software, is that it uses versatile videowave program for video editing which renders the video a standard look. Like other video editing software, one can trim the videos according to their need, adjust the brightness  and contrast and colour parameters. It can also fix the shakiness of the video, and can also reduce or increase the speed of the clip after editing it. This software provides almost 246 transitions between clips or use over 180 text and video effects to add production value to one’s presentation or video. Apart from video editing software, Roxio creator NXT package also includes paintshop pro as a part of its package.

This software supports almost every type of file formats, and imports them to desired locations of the users without losing the data. When comes to exporting of files, it supports the formats like AVI, DV-AVI, HDV, MPPEG- 1/2/4, MPEG-2 and others. If one wishes to know more about the other features, they can log into the official website of the software, which provides all the details and relevant information about the product and its use.

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