Genius Vision NVR

Download Genius Vision NVR

Genius Vision NVR is software which allows you to administrate numerous video cameras straight away from your computer. You can use this software to manipulate a video management system and to work with hardware. It is created for the use of cameras of all categories so as to give video input and get result from one screen. The interface has a vast capacity (in hundreds) on a single screen offering different view types for managing photographs.

This software is mainly applicable for areas where modern cameras are used in bulk amount but it can be also implemented for basic cameras. Photographs can be sent on different networks. The software enables you to share the photograph manipulation task with other users. The user profile features the objects that can be used and their corresponding function. You can also capture images without signing into your profile or opening the user screen. The network has an internet browsing option for viewing any video over the net by using any browser. It also allows managing your network from any other system. This helps in the case where you do not have your system. The software also has a feature of scheduling which helps those who capture anything from any camera for a desired time slot. The software is a little difficult for those who have never worked with numerous cameras. There is a built in help desk which will guide you to use the software.

This software serves the best for those who work from home and also for some organizations. This software is compatible with Windows operating system like Windows XP, Vista, 7 as well as 8.