Download Free Video Flip and Rotate

Users requiring a software tool capable of flipping and rotating videos in every axis conceivable such as the more conventional left, right, vertical, and horizontal, as well as, 180-degree turn, and counterclockwise among others, should try out Free Video Flip and Rotate. Therefore, users of this tool will find it to be a one-stop solution as far as flipping and rotating of videos is concerned. Moreover, it provides an exceedingly intuitive interface to perform all such actions with utmost of ease.

The interface mimics the looks of a media player and provides all the buttons at the same place for flipping and rotating videos. Users can play a certain video, and use those buttons to rotate it until it looks right. Users can then save the altered file with a new file name of their choice. Therefore, users of this tool will find rotating videos or undoing any such alterations as simple as that on image files.

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