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Whenever you think of viewing videos, all of you think of is flash videos. These are very easy to apply and to manage. When you create a video in flash format and store it, you will require flash video capture software. You can capture as well as watch video clips from the ever increasing video websites. It allows you to store, download, record flash videos in popular protocols. This job is done all by itself.

This software has some other unique features like capturing numerous video channels all at a time. It also comprises of a built in Flash video player so as to allow you to check and display Video files. This player excludes the option of full window view. The shown videos have a perfect dimension as well as size. It is also crystal clear. The interface of the software is created very sensuously. It has a good appeal from users. It also has many skins so that you can you can change as per your wish. This showcases the simplicity of the interface. This software can be segregated into two sides. First the recorder, and second the media player. Both are displayed in the main screen. On the left edge of the window crystal clear tabs are shown which comprises of all manipulation and administrating tools as well as customizing tool. There is also a help desk tool which gives you necessary information from the internet. The webpage will automatically open.

This software is highly efficient. Windows operating system like windows XP, Vista, 7 as well as 8 are compatible with this software.