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BB Flashback Professional is application which enables screen recording for making presentation. There are many utilities. One of them is a new addition which allows special tools to attach videos while you are making a film. You can also attach them while manipulating. This is the manual mode. There is also the auto mode which chooses BB Flashback film or clip as well as inserts them.  You can ease the manipulation work by making a store of annotations like images, graphics, and text and so on.

You can also pull things to and from the store so as to use them in a clip. The store also comprises of many other useful tools. There is a toll to haze pictures so as to wipe of certain details in a video. There is also a tool to take down certain text and insert them in any movie. All you have to do is point the pointer to the head of the window and a text tab will appear. You can write any text into it. There is also the feature which automatically stops the captured video when it is over. But if you temporarily stop it then it will automatically begin. You can switch to some formats for making your task of inserting into Websites easily. Other functions comprise of single click upload to popular video sites over the internet. You can import videos from basic cameras in any format. You can manipulate the audio type, zoom it, and highlight it. You can also insert audio clips like audio commentary.

If you are used to these type of software then you can easily make movies quickly and efficiently. This software is compatible with windows operating system like windows XP, vista, 7 as well as 8.