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The variety of media formats makes it a difficult job for a single video to be compatible with devices, which are calibrated to support different media formats. Converting videos is time consuming and some software make it go heavy on the processor and fail to provide a light weight converter aimed at the average computer user. Moreover the converters in the market have a compatibility issue with the various Operating systems that are being used. A need was thus generated for the converters that are compatible on all platforms and are easy to use. Dream AVI to MPEG Converter converts all the AVI to MPEG files. You can also choose from a wide array of predefined file formats, which allow a huge spectrum of videos to be converted to any specific file format of your choice.

Dream AVI to MPEG Converter is easy to use and goes light on the processor capability of the computer without sacrificing the speed of conversion thus reducing the time taken for a video to be converted to any specific format of your choice. The additional options they come with are the ones that allow you to split and merge video files, edit the video before you convert the video file. Choose a thumbnail for the video. This converter lets you do that and much more like split the video into the scene you want.

All you have to do is set a starting and the ending time for the clip to be saved in the format of your choice. After the conversion is done an action can be selected to be performed by your computer, for example shutdown, hibernate etc. Splitting large files so that they are converted into two partitions to fit in the storage media, used to contain the file and it is an additional option that makes it easier on the user’s end. Overall this is the converter that is the be all and end all for all the media on your PC.