Download TinyBurner

Do you want to use free burning software? Then definitely, you should switch over to tiny burner. This is the best burning software, which you can get completely at free of cost. You would definitely love to use this because it actually comprises of an advanced interface clubbed with all features. Next, that you can also see that the software actually displays a customized layout. In this section, you can definitely use the drag and drop menu for selecting, copying the files etc. The best is that you can even delete the existing files and folders.

Once you start using the Tiny Burner you could see that you will be able to keep the burning speed under control. For this, you need to select the ultimate value. In case if you wish to read the CD or the DVD , you can definitely go for the lower speed as well. In addition to this, you can see that the software also consists of the buffer underun technology so that you can experience the best quality of the recording. This process is used for writing only when a less speed is available. One of the commendable qualities of the burner is that it simply works well with any kind of the optical media. Some of them like CD R/W, DVD R/W. One more interesting thing is that you can record the data several times on the rewritable disc. In fact, any time, you can insert the data on the disc during any sessions.

In fact, you can see there is no as such rule that you have to follow. If you want, you can even hide the sessions as well. Moreover, it also allows you to create the ISO files by simply copying the data from that of the DVD, CD etc. The software will also deliver you worthy information pertaining to the media and the various types of the recording devices as well. Therefore, you should definitely start to use this outstanding product.