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Sibelius First is a top-of-the-line music notation software with essential features required to create professional-quality music. The software is affordable for both casual and serious musician. The software is elegant, powerful and easy to use. The copy paste functions are very handy. You can click the cursor anywhere in a measure, select all its notes and then click anywhere in another measure while holding down the SHIFT key to copy the content to another measure.

Sibelius First can automatically create chord symbols as you play in real-time a MIDI keyboard attached to your computer. There are a variety of Score Starter templates that will give you some good ideas for creating scores in the following musical genres like Choir, Blues, Rock and so on. Clicking on the icon that corresponds to the genre you are interested in, gives you several styles, instruments, keys and time signatures.

This software has a full-sized virtual keyboard perfect for easy composition. All you got to do is click the keys of the virtual keyboard and the notes automatically get inserted into the score. Otherwise you can always type keys to enter notes. Overall, Sibelius First is addictive and has everything you need as a musician. This is the reason that it is such a huge hit among people all over the globe.

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