Download RSkype Recorder

RSkype Recorder is a different breed of recording tool, which can be pretty conveniently used by the Skype users. Generally, you use the Skype calling feature to reach out to your friends and families scattered all over the world. Certainly, this particular piece of program gives you the opportunity to record the conversation and playback at any time you want to cherish the lovely moments.

This software is so efficient that it can record the high quality audio and video while you are having a conversation on Skype. The high quality audio and video recording is done simultaneously during the call. This program comprehensively detects the Skype connection and runs along with the Skype program to record.

You can record the conversation from both sides and can upload them to FTP servers as well. No manual setting will be required to initiate the recording during the call, simultaneously. This software comes with 10 minute free to try trial and can be installed on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 OS.

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